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“Here I Come” Live at Charis Bible College Colorado 2018

PRAISE GOD! This is one of my original songs, “Here I Come”, live from Charis. The A/V team recorded this. Please check it out and SHARE if you like it. Be blessed, and remember, When you focus on God... God is what you get! 😃 👍

Posted by Trey Hebson Music on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


🔥Trey Hebson Ministries🔥 is  dedicated to bringing intimate worship to the world. Together, through God’s gift of music, we are spreading the gospel to all nations and bodies of believers. It is our belief that we perish because of a lack of intimacy with our Creator. It is our vision to bring that intimacy into public.

"Sing it Trey, sing it loud and we are singing His Praises!"


July 12
An intimate night of Worship @



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